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Artist, Filmmaker, Sound Designer, Marketing and Climate Activist

“I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible”

- Friedrich Nietzsche


The world is beautiful place.

And we have to protect the biodiversity and the fragile balance in nature.

My name is Bjorn Vido. I’m travelling the world, now on 3rd year.

I’m playing concerts around the world and helping the best I can with my film, music- and marketing-skills.

I’ve been working with Hollywood stars, ministers, princesses, influencers and amazing artists, and helped them to raise awareness.

Sea levels are rising - Coastal lines are disappearing - Cyclones are raging -

Extreme weather is the new normal.

We have to turn this around - now.

Climate change is not something that is coming. It’s here and it’s for real. We have a climate crisis A biodiversity crisis and a waste crisis. Now- ask yourself....

What can you do ? What is your contribution?

Join and be a part of the solution.

Thank you - Bjorn

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I’m originaly educated as a Sound Designer from the National film school of Denmark.

I have been involved in 25 feature films, hundreds of documetaries, and thusands of commercials.I´m now combining sounddesign and music composition with photography, editing and storytelling .

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Multi instrumentalist, film composer, musician in the widest aspect possible.

In my position as a film composer,
I have gone through all styles from Rock, Punk, Afro, Jazz to Classical music.
Now I’m primary working on Los Angeles inspired pop music with an african twist..


The “MUSIC IN SPACE” Project.
Music in Space, is a multi-artistic event, transmittet live into Space.
Played and performed live from stadiums
and live venues around the world. The show itself, is a mix of the original music from Bjorn and local artists,
supported by powerful speeches of hope and optimism.
The idea is to change peoples habits in a greener direction, by looking at life on Earth from a more distant perspective. From space, you will get hit by “The Overview Effect”. A syndrom the astronauts are facing when they look down on Earth from space.
Read more about it here:


CANNES LIONS (Gold, Silver and Bronze), EPICA (Gold and Silver), PENCIL(Gold, Silver and Bronze), LIA (Gold), ABBOTT PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS (Gold),
TRUE AWARDS (Gold), CREATIVE CIRCLE (Gold, Silver and Bronze), OSCAR NOMINATED PROJECT...among others.
Additionaly I got numerous awards for outstanding achivements in the field of:
Music Composition and Sound Design, Art Direction, Concept Design and Visualisation.

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H.K.H. Kronprincesse Mary